February 18, 2016

by Andrew Sims

TGI Fridays' Twitter account can't stop talking about their mention in 'Deadpool'

Last weekend's Deadpool opening included a great surprise for the popular restaurant chain TGI Fridays: Deadpool loves them.

Specifically, he loves TGI Fridays' Jacksonville, Florida locations, of which there are three, according to a quick search on Google Maps.

TGI Fridays and Jacksonville receive a couple of mentions in Deadpool, including one where the hero recognizes someone named “Bob” who he used to see at TGI Fridays as a child...

Despite the less-than-popular tweets, the appearance in Deadpool is a big success for the restaurant. DigiDay reports the free advertising was worth $785,000 and counting, “according to Joyce Julius and Associates, an independent company that evaluates corporate sponsorship and brand mentions.”

That amount is partly derived from the film's box office pull. Deadpool made a whopping $150 million over the four-day weekend and exceeded all estimate expectations...