Fan Surveying

Joyce Julius' on-site surveys provide an economical means of gathering the opinions of fans in attendance at any event or venue of your choosing. Data pertaining to demographics, awareness, affinity and/or purchase intent will be gathered by the 15-20 question survey--with full client input regarding content, wording, etc.


Typically, two senior Joyce Julius researchers oversee the on-site execution, with 300 or more surveys completed per event. The results, including any verbatims in their entirety, will be available 7-10 business days from the survey's completion.


Joyce Julius surveys are a perfect compliment to our media impact research; helping to put the exposure results into a real-world perspective. Additionally, a Joyce Julius survey may be conducted independently from our standard research.


Whether you want to build a survey around a set of questions utilized in the past, or would like to develop a new approach with guidance from our researchers, Joyce Julius will work with you every step of the way to insure the end result provides you with the data necessary to fully evaluate your program or opportunity.


Please contact a Joyce Julius sales representative for more information.


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