Image Identification Technology

What is it?

Image Identification Technology (IIT) allows for computerized image analysis of sponsorship logos appearing during television broadcasts. Joyce Julius researchers locate examples of the brand logos designated for monitoring, then IIT scans through the telecast, one frame at a time, and tabulates all of the clear in-focus exposure time.


Is it a completely automated system?

No, it is a tool increasing our researchers' ability to deliver results faster and with greater detail. Researcher input at the start of each project, followed by a comprehensive review of the IIT results, insures the presence of hands-on human expertise during each step of the research process.


Are there any advantages beyond faster measurement?

Absolutely. IIT provides great detail, such as the percentage of the screen filled by a particular logo, the percentage of the logo contained within the frame, the amount of blockage, the specific location of the logo on the screen and the number of brands appearing within each frame. These statistics are available for particular frames, or averaged for the entire broadcast.




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