In-Broadcast Television

As the premier in-broadcast television research organization in North America since 1985, Joyce Julius & Associates, Inc. analyzes approximately 2,500 telecasts a year for brand exposure. Our customizable reporting, experienced research staff and cutting edge technology provides our clients with accurate data they can confidently showcase to internal or external audiences.



Our Approach:


Accurate, timely, detailed and verifiable, our approach delivers premium, yet cost-effective in-broadcast exposure research. Armed with Image Identification Technology (IIT) powered by Orpix, our veteran research staff (many with decades of logo monitoring experience) digitally measures all clear and in-focus exposure time a sponsoring brand receives during the broadcast(s) in question. The Joyce Julius standard calls for a brand's logo to be considered clear and in-focus only when the image is not be blurred or obstructed in a way as to prevent the typical viewer from acknowledging the branding. In addition to the visual exposure, Joyce Julius also monitors and tabulates each verbal mention received by the brand throughout the telecast.


Once all of the in-broadcast visual and/or verbal exposure has been tabulated, a value for the brand's exposure is first calculated by comparing the on-screen time and mentions to the non-discounted cost of a commercial, which ran during the program in question. Additionally, Joyce Julius' proprietary Recognition Grade® methodology may also be applied to the exposure results and then accessed exclusively through the Joyce Julius Online Portal.




Our clients have unparallel access to the Joyce Julius research staff. Located within our Ann Arbor, Michigan headquarters, the Joyce Julius television research team is available Monday through Friday from 8 am – 5 pm (Eastern) to answer any questions, or provide further insights into the research findings.


Online Portal:


Available 24/7, the Joyce Julius Online Portal provides our clients with data far exceeding traditional reports. Whether interested in a quick top-line result, or a detail exposure source analysis, the Online Portal provides instant access to Joyce Julius research findings.


Also available through the Online Portal are:


Audio clips of sponsor mentions

Visual clips of each instance of exposure

Archived Sponsors Reports (traditional, top-line findings)

Year-to-Date driver interview statistics


Recognition Grade®:


While traditional comparable exposure values are a direct reflection of the cost of a commercial during the telecast in question, Recognition Grade values go a step beyond, providing a more comprehensive view of the in-broadcast exposure results. Simply put, size rules the day, too many brands on the screen at the same time decreases the recognition, the center of the screen is best, and if there is product integration—that is accounted for too by the Joyce Julius researchers. Our hybrid methodology insures an accurate measurement, taking each individual circumstance occurring during each frame of a telecast into consideration.


Image Identification Technology (IIT):


Utilized within Joyce Julius' proprietary television research system, Image Identification Technology (IIT) powered by Orpix allows for computerized image analysis of sponsorship logos appearing during television broadcasts. Increased speed, precision and greater depth in reporting, are some of the attributes provided to our veteran staff by this powerful research tool.


Please contact a Joyce Julius sales representative for more information regarding in-broadcast television research services and pricing options.


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