On Site Elements

Venue Signage . Hospitality Areas . Premium Items . PA Mentions . Merchandise



This evaluation component primarily measures the exposure impact created via sponsorship activities taking place at the site of an event. The Joyce Julius research staff will work in conjunction with the brand, promoter or venue to isolate each on-site exposure element. Next, the number of impressions generated will be determined, based on attendance, afterlife considerations, and Recognition Grade® factors such as brand clutter, placement of the sponsor's name or logo, as well as the number of mentions/visual appearances.


A value for these impressions is calculated through the utilization of Joyce Julius' proprietary NTIV® Factor—the average cost to generate one impression through traditional national television advertising. This continually updated factor allows for consistent and precise valuation of impressions generated from all aspects of a sponsorship or promotion.


Please contact a Joyce Julius sales representative for more information.


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