Joyce Julius is the industry source for accurate measurement and evaluation of sponsorships and promotional programs. A fully customizable approach allows us to provide our clients with exactly the information they need, when they need it. Whether you are seeking results stemming from television in-broadcast branding, a full media measurement, or fan/consumer perception analysis, we work with you to create the right research approach to fit your unique requirements.


Research Applicable For:

Advertising Agencies Investors Properties
Athletes Leagues Public Figures
Brands Marketing Agencies Sanctioning Bodies
Colleges/Universities Municipalities Teams
Events Networks Venues


Research Categories:


In-Broadcast Television

All clear and in-focus exposure time and verbal references are monitored within the specified broadcast. A value for the accrued exposure is then determined based on the cost of a commercial segment associated with the program. Additionally, a Recognition Grade® methodology option—which takes into consideration digital measurements of logo size, placement and brand clutter, as well as product integration—may be applied to the exposure values for further analysis, accessed via the Joyce Julius Online Portal. (more)


TV News / Highlights

Every broadcast and major cable network, as well as local television affiliates in the top 210 markets, can be monitored for a sponsoring brand's exposure. Specific highlight-type programming is also available for evaluation. (more)


Social Media

Monitor your brand accross major social media platforms. Find out who is posting about the brand and the size of the audience. (more)


Print Media / Internet

News and feature articles appearing within any major newspaper, magazine or web site can be monitored for brand exposure. (more)


On-Site Elements

Joyce Julius will tabulate and determine the value for all on-site sources of exposure, ranging from in-venue signage to premium item give-a-ways and hospitality areas. (more)



Cross-corporate exposure, local advertising, athlete appearances, store displays -- the exposure value generated from these types of activities is precisely measured. (more)


Fan Surveying

Recognition, perception and consideration are just some of the results that can be measured by a Joyce Julius survey. These fan intercepts may accompany an exposure analysis, or function as a stand-alone research product. (more)


Entertainment/Product Integration

Joyce Julius will monitor and tabulate the exposure value generated from product placements appearing within any television program or theatric film.


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