Print Media/Internet

Joyce Julius will work in conjunction with national clipping services to monitor sponsors appearing in the editorial sections of all major U.S. newspapers and magazines. Impressions are compiled from each publication's readership.  A Recognition Grade® may also be applied based on such factors as location within the publication and dominance within the article (i.e. headline, photo, box score).


Additionally, Joyce Julius has the ability to monitor more than 3,500 Internet sites for sponsor exposure.  Impressions form Internet text exposure is based on the number of unique visitors to each web site in question.


Values for Print Media and Internet impressions are calculated through the utilization of Joyce Julius' proprietary NTIV® Factor—the average cost to generate one impression through traditional national television advertising. This continually updated factor allows for consistent and precise valuation of impressions generated from all aspects of a sponsorship or promotion.


Please contact a Joyce Julius sales representative for more information.


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