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Do you have a question about the research data reflected in your Sponsors Report? The Sponsors Report Subscriber Support section is designed to enhance your understanding of our research services by providing detailed answers on the following topics:



Exposure Time: Each second of exposure time reflected in a Sponsors Report must meet specific criteria in order to be counted. A sponsor's lettering or logo must not be blurred, or partially obstructed (i.e. clear and in-focus), while the image must be apparent to the "casual" viewer. Color patterns alone (without lettering or a logo) do not warrant consideration for exposure time.


Mentions: An "audio" edit of each telecast is also conducted wherein all verbal references are documented and tabulated. Each mention, regardless of its origin (announcer, interviewee, public address, etc.) is then assigned a value reflecting 10 seconds of clear, in-focus exposure time for calculation purposes.


Duplication of exposure: To prevent duplication of exposure, only the dominant image of a sponsor is counted. For example, if a sponsor's lettering appeared on a large sign and a smaller banner simultaneously during a segment of the telecast, only the exposure stemming from the larger sign would be tabulated.


Origin of commercial cost per 30-seconds rates: The commercial cost per 30-second (CP:30) advertising rates utilized by the Sponsors Report are typically supplied by the broadcasting network. These rates are non-discounted, or rather the "sticker price" of purchasing a commercial during that particular broadcast. The same CP:30 rate is utilized for calculating value throughout the report.


Exposure value calculation f rom a single telecast:


On-screen time + mentions (:10 each) * commercial cost (per second) = Exp. Value


For example, if a sponsor receives 0:43 of exposure time and two mentions during a telecast with a CP:30 of $45,000 . The calculation would be as follows: 43 + 20 * 1,500 = $94,500 of comparable exposure value


Exposure value calculation from multiple airings: When calculating exposure value from multiple airings, consider each telecast separately and then add the results from each broadcast together to determine overall exposure time, mentions and value.


Exposure value calculation from broadcasts of differing lengths: When calculating exposure value from broadcasts of different lengths, consider each telecast separately and then add the results from each broadcast together to determine overall exposure time, mentions and value. Often in these situations, every component of the calculation varies by telecast, so it is critical that each airing's value is considered separately before combining for an overall total.


Rounded exposure values : Values appearing within the Sponsors Report may vary $100 per source due to computer rounding. This situation occurs because the cost per-second figure utilized in the value calculation is generally not a whole number (for example, a CP:30 of $50,000 equates to a cost per-second of $1,666.666). Occasionally, two different exposure sources appearing for an identical amount of time during a broadcast may reflect slightly different values due to various calculations made throughout the editing process by our highly developed computer program.


Location of sponsors within the report: Generally, motorsports Sponsors Reports categorize sponsors as either Associate, Series and Event (AS&E) Sponsors, or Team Sponsors. Sponsors (brands) will not appear in both categories despite multiple sponsorship involvements during the event telecast.


Typically, only primary team sponsors appear in the team sponsor category. On those occasions when a team sponsor becomes the event's title sponsor, the Sponsors Report will move that entity into the AS&E category for that particular event only. The exposure garnered while categorized as an AS&E sponsor will continue to be added to the entity's year-to-date statistics. If you would like to discuss the categorization of a sponsor, please feel free to contact the Series Coordinator for that particular report.


Origin of attendance figures: The attendance figures appearing in a Sponsors Report have been obtained from the venue, sanctioning body, or media estimates.


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