"We have been working with Joyce Julius to provide sponsorship evaluations for the past five years. It has allowed us to provide our partners with a quantifiable ROI that originates from both industry experts and a neutral third party. They are able to audit our sponsorship inventory and provide us with the tools we need for effective recaps and price setting. I would highly recommend their services."


Mike Gordon, President

Chicago Wolves


"For the past ten-plus years, Joyce Julius has been an invaluable resource in evaluating the media and sponsorship values of the Las Vegas Bowl. They continue to be a trusted partner and we look forward to working with them in the future."


Rob Dondero, Executive Vice President

R&R Partners


"They (Joyce Julius) really have changed the way sports sponsorship is handled. They are the ones who showed the world the value of in-car cameras and where you place those tiny little stickers that look so big on television. They are the reason the haulers have the sponsor names painted on their roofs, because sponsors realized the TV blimp could see them from up there. And those reports tellus exactly what gets seen, from Jeff's uniform to the stickers on the tool box in the garage."


John Bickford (as told to ESPN The Magazine)

Jeff Gordon, Inc.


"Joyce Julius data is the industry standard and gives us a common language to use within the sport, which is a valuable tool in and of itself. Impressions and media value are some of the measures of a successful sponsorship program, and Joyce Julius reporting does a great job of capturing the data."


Brad Morrill, Sen. Manager of Motorsports

Best Buy


"The Joyce Julius program is an important component of our reporting process. When we tell a sponsor that a third party, independent research team monitored the exposure generated from our event and valued it at X, it carries tremendous weight. It is not just the promoter saying it, but rather an independent authority."


Charlie Johnstone, Vice President & General Manager

Green Savoree Toronto


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